Cuba Investment Fund

Cuba Investment Fund (the “Fund”) is a fund operated by Cuba Capital Partners, Inc. a Florida limited liability company (Reg. No. L15000103010).  The Fund was formed to engage in the business of real estate investments, actively trading securities of other companies, real  and other intangible investment instruments, including futures contracts (collectively, “Portfolio Investments”)

Regulation D 506 (c) Private Offering: 40,000,000 shares of Common Stock @ $5.00 per share : Minimum Investment for New Subscriptions: $250,000.00

The foregoing notwithstanding, the Fund’s investments in futures contracts at any time may not exceed 5% of the Fund’s net asset value at the time of said investment. See “Investment Objectives, Authority and Strategies.” The Fund Manager is Financial Group Inc. (the “Fund Manager” or “FG”) which is also the sole Manager of the Fund. Financial Group is the Fund Manager. All decisions regarding the trading of the Fund’s Portfolio Investments are made by the Fund Manager, in its sole discretion. The Operating Agreement (the “Operating Agreement”) for the Fund grants the Fund Manager wide latitude in determining how to invest the moneys raised by this Offering. In addition, upon the sale of  any Portfolio Investment, the Fund Manager, in its sole discretion, may and most likely will reinvest the proceeds therefrom in other securities and/or investments (which are also considered Portfolio Investments), rather than distribute the proceeds to the Members of the Fund. See “Summary of the Operating Agreement.”

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